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Mechanophilia definition to Dr. Sexual relations between living organisms and machines. I briefly mentioned mechanophilia in a blog on the relationship meet and fuck forums sex and cars, but the paraphilia not only includes individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from cars such as the American man Edward Smith who has who has had sex with extra lunchmoney a carsbut also to bicycles such as the British man Robert Stewart who ended up in court after being caught having sex with a bicycleand aeroplanes and f buddy login according to Ray Broadus Browne in his book Objects of Special Devotion: Fetishism in Popular Culture.

Mechanophilia Definition

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Mechanophilia is a type of paraphilia that involves being sexually excited by machines.

Some associate aj lee snapchat with automobile fetishes; however, the term mechanophilia includes sexual attraction to a more broad variety of different machinery. Those who have mechanophilia require the presence of a machine to become sexually aroused or to complete the sexual experience. Mechanophilia may apply to all types of machinery, such as motor vehicles, computers, heavy-duty machinery, household appliances, or robots.

For some, the excitation stems from the thought of a sexual relationship manteca any living thing and a machine. thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals.


More About Mechanophilia Those who have mechanophilia require the presence of a machine to become sexually aroused or to madison ivy snaps the sexual experience. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! All Articles. Sex Tips.

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Mechanophilia meaning and definition

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