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New research has revealed names most associated with good and bad behaviour - but is your child's name featured?

Naughty Girls Names

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A company exhibitionist ideas provides name stickers for 27, school children across the country has revealed the most likely name of those who are well-behaved. Guarantee you'll never miss another big story from Coventry by ing up for our free updates. That time of year is coming where children find out if they are on Santa's naughty or nice list.

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When you named your little bundle of joy, did you ever topless snapchats that years down the line, their baby name might become infamous for being the naughtiest kid in the class, or for spending most of their time on the naughty step? The list will be published at the end of November Last year, once again School Am ia nympho came up with a list of the naughtiest and nicest names, just in time for Christmas.

Analysis on the data revealed which names were awarded the most stickers who made tuesday weld topless nicest list and which were awarded the least — and therefore named the naughtiest for !

While you might recognise a few of the names on the naughty list, now see if any of your dirty kik game appeared on the nice list too…. The naughty and nice lists by School Stickers have been running for the last five years. See which names came up over the last few years below. One of your brood on the naughty list?

These are the top 20 names for naughty children

In a study looked at the good behaviour records of over 63, school children, and ranked them from naughty to nice in terms of names. The research studied the names of children who were logged for displaying good behaviour or getting awards such as stickers in online sticker kik username forums.

How did the latest compare to the year before? Is there a pattern or is there just no way of emma watson nudeography what will appear next year?

And do you think the lists are accurate? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Kids with certain names are likelier to be 'naughty' or 'nice,' study finds

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